Final Computer Tech Project

Choose a new technology that you are interested in.Technology permeates every facet of our lives so this should be a fairly easy task. You will be doing a min TED Talk to discuss how this technology is changing the world. Explain how it is revolutionary right now, and talk about future implications it might have.  Do a little research on your topic—you need at least three sources. You will make three documents to accompany your research: a powerpoint, word document, and excel chart of table.

Click here for a formatting guide for your works cited page.

The requirements are as follows:


  • Two pages double spaced
  • 1″ margins
  • size 12pt Times New Roman
  • Your last name and page number in the top right header
  • Follow MLA Format
  • Uses concrete evidence from at least three sources


  • Has at least 7 slides.
  • Is used as a visual to aid your TED Talk
  • Includes the chart or table you make in excel


  • Find some relevant data to your topic—this could be how usage of your technology is increasing, an interesting correlation between the usage of the technology and the behavior of people, money spent on this technology etc. You will decide what data is relevant to your topic. This should not be a chart you just found in an article, this should be you gathering data from your sources and creating your own new chart/table.
  • Take the data and create the most appropriate type of chart or table to display the data
  • Title
  • Key

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