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Final Computer Tech Project

Choose a new technology that you are interested in.Technology permeates every facet of our lives so this should be a fairly easy task. You will be doing a min TED Talk to discuss how this technology is changing the world. Explain how it is revolutionary right now, and talk about future implications it might have.  Do a little research on your topic—you need at least three sources. You will make three documents to accompany your research: a powerpoint, word document, and excel chart of table.

Click here for a formatting guide for your works cited page.

The requirements are as follows:


  • Two pages double spaced
  • 1″ margins
  • size 12pt Times New Roman
  • Your last name and page number in the top right header
  • Follow MLA Format
  • Uses concrete evidence from at least three sources


  • Has at least 7 slides.
  • Is used as a visual to aid your TED Talk
  • Includes the chart or table you make in excel


  • Find some relevant data to your topic—this could be how usage of your technology is increasing, an interesting correlation between the usage of the technology and the behavior of people, money spent on this technology etc. You will decide what data is relevant to your topic. This should not be a chart you just found in an article, this should be you gathering data from your sources and creating your own new chart/table.
  • Take the data and create the most appropriate type of chart or table to display the data
  • Title
  • Key

Word Formatting

Click here for a digital copy of the handout I gave you.

When you are finished, you should submit one file that has all four documents in it. (separate each document with a page break.) Please make sure your name is in the title of your file and email it to me at mrsapuglisi at gmail dot com.

Here is the data you will need for the table in the fourth part.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.57.35 AM

Spreadsheet Formulas

Formulas are probably the most important thing that a spreadsheet can do for you. We’ve used them a little bit in the past, but we want to be completely sure we feel comfortable with using these simple formulas, and knowing how to set them up, before we move on.

Below is a list of twenty story questions, that are accompanied by a sheet that can help you visualize and work out each problem. Each question has it’s own table, and they are each on a separate sheet tab within your spreadsheet.

Click here to download the sheet you will use as reference as you answer the questions.

Click here for the response form.

Making Charts and Graphs in Excel

Today we are going to do a simple little activity to learn about making charts and graphs in Excel. When you are finished your spreadsheet should look something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 8.19.52 AM


  • Make two charts— one pie and one bar graph.
  • The pie chart should show how you time will be spent during Summer Vacation. (this means you need to break it into percentages and remember, the percentages need to add up to 100%) You must have at least four different activities.
  • The bar graph should show at least 4 of your favorite foods. Research their calories and compare them side by side.
  • The charts should be the same width as the cells with the data.
  • You should have a title over your data and charts that is bolded and centered. Merge together two columns and two rows to get the cell for your title.
  • Save your file, upload it to google drive and share it with mrsapuglisi at

Compound Interest

You have accumulated some money from gifts/babysitting/your paper route/selling things on ebay/whatever it is you do for money. You’d like to invest $500 of it for four years because you want the big bucks for college. There are three different banks in your area that all pay a 4.0% interest rate, but they each have a different compounding policy. At Bank A the interest is compounded annually, at Bank B it is compounded quarterly, and at Bank C it is compounded monthly. What impact does compounding have? Where should you invest your money? WHO KNOWS?

Well, we are going to find out! Make Dave Ramsey proud and figure out where would be best to invest your money by downloading the following set of instructions and making a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel to solve this problem. When you are done with your spreadsheet, upload it to your Google Drive and share it with Mrs. Puglisi so you can get a grade! After you finish, there is also a form with a few questions you need to answer—make sure you do it!

Click here to download the instructions for your spreadsheet.

Click here to go to the form you need to fill out.