We’re going on a shopping spree!

You have won $1000 to spend on a shopping spree! Using excel, and the new spreadsheet skills that we learned, make a shopping list of all the stuff you would want to buy with your cash. Follow the guide on the worksheet that Mrs. Puglisi gave you to set up your shopping list in excel (click here if you need another copy of it). Here are the constraints for your shopping spree:

  1. You may only buy five things
  2. You may only buy from three different stores
  3. If you don’t spend the $1000 you don’t get to save any so spend spend spend!
  4. Get as close to the limit as you can without going over. Remember, tax counts in your overall total
  5. Sales tax in utah is 6.25%
  6. You must use formulas to find the totals of your shopping spree, not a calculator!

This is what your shopping spree spreadsheet will look like after you get it all set up.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.16.17 AM


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