That Thing I Love Powerpoint

Regardless of how you feel about power points, they are a technology that is rather prevalent in our society (especially in higher education) so we are going to take the time to get really good at making them. Technically, creating a power point is really quite easy. The tricky thing about power points is presenting them well. We’ve all sat through boring as death presentations before and usually it’s because the person presenting doesn’t know how to do it well. We are going to practice being good presenters!

Your assignment will be to create a powerpoint to present to our class. It can be on any topic that you want. The requirements are as follows:

  • 10-13 slides
  • A theme is applied
  • 8 images
  • 5 transitions
  • 3 animation — at least one must be a custom animation.
  • 1 chart or table
  • One piece of word art
  • Follows the 7×7 rule

When you present these are the things you are going to be graded on:

  • Asking the audience  at least one question (or interacting with them directly in another way)
  • Using intonation in your voice
  • Professionalism
  • Ability to talk about your topic without just reading straight off the slide.

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