TouchCast Video Innovation Reports

Choose a current, new, innovative technology that interests you. It can be something you know quite a bit about, or just something you’ve heard mentioned before and would like to know more about. You are then going to look at the history of this technology. What other innovations were required for this to happen? where did this kind of technology begin? What are it’s origins?

Then, after taking a look at it’s past make some predictions about their future implications. Where do you think this technology will take us in 5 years? 10 years? What other applications could this technology have that it is not currently being used for? We will then take all of your research and predictions and you are going to present your findings in a TouchCast video on your iPad. We will go through the basics of this app in class.

Requirements for your video:

  • Length — no longer than 5 minutes. No shorter than 4:30.
  • Assets — Must use at least 7 relevant and interesting images in your presentation. You may also use any other vApps you would like.
  • Quality — make sure your camera is steady, you are well lit, there is no background noise or other distractions.
  • Information — You cover the history, current innovations, and future predictions to some depth. The history is interestingly presented (not just a list of facts) you analyze the importance of the current innovations, and your predictions about the future are well thought out. You cite specific examples, not just make general statements
  • Presentation — No “ums” or “so yeah…” Your presentation progresses in a logical order and avoids repetition. You understand the information you are presenting, not just reading off facts you found on the internet. You are an interesting presenter to watch!

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