Monthly Archives: February 2015

Email Quiz

Click here to take the quiz for email.


Computer Ethics

Click here for a link to the presentation you will need to fill in your notes

Click here to see Provo School District’s AUP, (you will need this at some point in your notes.)

When you finish this, hold on to it, because you will need it for studying. also, remember that RSS 5 is due today and most of you still need to catch up!

Practice Email

To practice writing an email with correct formatting I would like you to send an email to your neighbor with the following requirements:

  1. Address it to your friend
  2. BCC me (mrsapuglisi at gmail dot com)
  3. Write a message to your friend— be sure it is formatted correctly.
  4. Attach a picture of a llama to your email.

Networks Quiz

Click here to take the quiz on Networks.

Last day for Infographics

Today is the last day for Infographics, and you need to turn yours in by the end of class. It is better to turn something in that is mostly complete than nothing at all. If you finish with your infographics early, you will need to catch up with any RSS feeds you are missing. There was one due last Friday, and now that it is a new week there is a new one due this Friday. If you finish up with all of this, then you can return to and type for the remainder of the period. At that time, you can play the typing games on that site if you would like.

Good luck!

Hardware Software Infographics

Choose a topic that is related to computer hardware or software. It doesn’t have to be something that we talked about in class, but if it isn’t make sure you check it off with me.

Do some research and find specific areas about your topic that you want to use for your final infographic. You must have five “sections” about this topic, and at least three facts in each category. so 15 facts in all.

Look at other infographics to get design ideas and to see how they are laid out. Use a piece of paper to sketch out your ideas before you try and create them on the computer.

Make your infographic in Photoshop or Illustrator and when you are finished, upload it to your blog.

Here is a link to a site with many infographics you can look at. You can search for any topic, we are just using it for design ideas.