RSS Feeds and Readers

Articles on the web have become the resource for informed discussion on technology news and reviews. To keep current with what’s going on around you, becoming a regular reader of feeds is important. RSS is a free web service that allows you to subscribe to your favorite sites and receive their content directly as soon as it’s posted, either via a desktop newsreader or an online service.

RSS readers — Rich Site Summary. An RSS Feed is made from frequently updated information like blog entries, and news headlines. Feed readers allow you to aggregate all of your content into one spot so instead of having to go and check all of your favorite sites individually to see what’s new, it puts all the new information in one place.

Most sites that update frequently have a little RSS symbol on their homepage that you can click on to subscribe to their feeds. Since some large sites update a ton, when you click on the RSS symbol it will ask you which category of posts you would like to subscribe to (i.e. robotics, apps, new technology, diy projects, etc.) or if you just would like to subscribe to all posts.


The RSS Symbol

We are going to set up a RSS reader account on and subscribe to a few technology blogs. Your assignment will be to read at least one article from these blogs a week (but let’s get serious, you should be reading a lot more of them) and then do a write-up based on your reading. These article write-ups will be due every Monday and will be graded with the following break down of points.

20 points total

5 points — A brief summary of article. This doesn’t need to be terribly long, but it must be formatted in complete sentences (not a bulleted list)

13 points — Thoughtful reflection of at least five sentences.

2 points — a link to the article you read

Remember! It’s -1/2 point for each spelling and grammar error.

Here are a few sites I would recommend subscribing to. You may choose other ones that you find, but they must be appropriate and checked off with me or your parents first. Everyone needs to subscribe to at least three technology blogs, plus this class blog.


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