Typing Web

Hey guys, I’m obviously absent today, please be on best behavior for the substitute.

Learning to type well is an important skill to have in today’s society. There is no reason to not type well, and it makes you work more quickly and more efficient. At the end of the semester we also take a test for the state to see your testing abilities. They will test you in three categories: Words per minute, accuracy, and technique. We are going to work every day on each of these things for a few minutes at the beginning of class, so when you come in from now on, just log into your typing account and start typing.

To log in:

  • Go to typingweb.com
  • Username: firstlast.fpa (so for example mine would be alexispuglisi.fpa) make sure you use whatever your first and last name in the system are. If you go by something else and you try to use that, it will not work.
  • password: student

Normally you will just jump into the lessons, but today we are going to start with a pre-test. this just helps me to see where you are at currently and it doesn’t go on your grade at all. After you log in, up at the top of your screen there is a bar, and one tab that says test. click on this and it will start the pre-test for you.While you do this test, do your best to use correct fingers for every key, and DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR HANDS.


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